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BECUASE WATERING IT DOWN IS NOT AN OPTION. i'm a puertorrican guy who is sraight up infatuated with his lord and savior.this blog is a chronicle of me and my walk with christ. enjoy.

Finals Week

First I’m like


But then I’m like


And this pattern continues


Then I realize it’s one day before the onslaught


And I wallow in self-loathing and pizza


And when i get to the test, all i can do is


Halfway through each test, frustration sets in in full form


But, when I finish, the realization that vacation is here and that all this is over for some weeks, a rush of endorphins goes to my brain and all of a sudden there’s a dubstep drop on life.


I should really get to work


on my Buddhism in America paper. But nah, I got tumblr.. 

Well, if there ever was a source for researching Buddhism in America, it’s tumblr. One out of every three posts is Buddhists. The other two are either Doctor Who or Supernatural related

If the shrimp shalt fall into sleep, the current doth carry him away

—Proverbs 32;15

Christians-Stop Trying to Break Romance!




Anonymous asked:

One of the guys in church confessed that he really liked me. I felt giddy bc I’d never thought that this kind of guy would have interest in me. The thing though was that we were so physically attracted to each other that it became a huge issue for him. He sat me down and told…

Well said.

this is why i think lots of “Christian” relationship advice in our culture is stupid

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